Who Is Hillsong Music Australia?

Since 1991 Hillsong Music Australia (HMA) has been producing and distributing the music and teaching resources of Hillsong Church.


Hillsong Music exists to champion and resource the cause of the local church worldwide. Birthed from the vision of Senior Pastors, Brian and Bobbie Houston their small church in the northwest of Sydney, Australia began in 1983, and has grown to become an internationally recognised congregation. Hillsong recorded its first album in 1988, and has since recorded 18 live albums, and numerous kids and youth albums - distributed in close to 90 countries and territories around the world.

The Hillsong Creative team is led by Joel Houston and Reuben Morgan, and is made up of hundreds of dedicated singers, musicians, songwriters, and production volunteers. The team gives of their time and energy each week at church, with the ultimate goal of leading people into an atmosphere of dynamic, powerful, and personal praise and worship. It is this dedication that is reflected on the albums year after year. Senior Pastor Brian Houston says of the success of the music "All we've ever done is just have church. This is what God has anointed us to do. It's about reaching and influencing people. The worship is what it is because of the spirit of the church. The songs reflect the heart of our church." More than a decade ago, a group of young people from Hillsong Church, involved in the Creative team, were naïve and passionate enough to believe that they could make a real difference for God on the planet. They wanted to take what was happening inside the church and create a generation of young people who were passionate to see justice and worship go hand in hand. Today, they are Hillsong United; a music group phenomenon grounded in the local youth ministry of Hillsong Church. Their fresh brand of melodic rock and simple lyrics has seen them become a top-selling worship group in Australia, and they continually pack out stadiums, churches, and open fields alike with their unique sound, and have literally seen tens of thousands of people connect with the life changing message of Jesus Christ. Since conception, Hillsong Music has sold over 11 million units worldwide and achieved more than 30 gold and platinum sales awards - yet the purpose has remained the same - to build a strong and healthy local church, that resources the Body of Christ EVERYWHERE.

Through our music and resource, our goal is to:


Hillsong Music Australia is the resource arm of Hillsong Church, a rapidly growing Church in Sydney, Australia pastored by Brian and Bobbie Houston. Hillsong Church (formerly the Hills Christian Life Centre) had its first service on 14 August 1983 with a congregation of 45 people meeting in a high school hall.

From its humble beginnings as a single desk operation, HMA has grown to the dynamic music label it is today.

"Hillsongs"as it was originally called recorded its first album in 1988. 'Spirit And Truth' was a studio recording featuring eleven songs. The sphere of influence of this album was the church and a few friends of the church. From there, came 'Show Your Glory' in 1990. Also a studio recording, this was the first album to be marketed and distributed outside Australia, edging its way into the European market.

'Hillsongs' operated from a one room office based from the church for some years but as it began to grow, the marketing and distribution of the resources was taken on by Christian Marketing Australasia.

In time, the music began to become more established and the annual Hillsong Conference rapidly grew. As the popularity of the music spread throughout Australia and beyond, various distribution companies around the world began to seek after the distribution rights to the music in their territories. Today, Hillsong Music is distributed in close to 90 countries and territories worldwide. The music has also been translated into a number of languages the world over.

In July 1997, Hillsong Music Australia took over the Australian marketing and distribution responsibilities. HMA now distributes directly to all Christian retail stores within Australia & New Zealand.

In January 1999, Hillsong resources were released into the mainstream Australian market by Warner Music Australia. Then in July 2003, an agreement was entered into with Sony Music Australia to distribute the Hillsong albums into this growing market sector.

Every week letters and emails are received telling of the impact Hillsong resources are having in people's lives. From every corner of the earth the music coming out of this 'local church from Down Under' is impacting people in ways that only God can be glorified for. What a privilege to work in partnership with Him.

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