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Hillsong Church has always been passionate about worship. Committed to bringing our worship to Jesus at church and to continue this worship in our everyday lives in ways that allow others to sense God’s magnificence and power. We know that God has always been and will always be worthy of our sacrifice of praise. Hence, in Hillsong Churches from Sydney to New York, from London to Cape Town, we will always lift our hearts and voices to worship Him, and believe for that day when every knee will bow and all tongues will confess the name of Jesus.

Our current Hillsong Worship album features a host of widely recognised names and faces - people like Reuben Morgan, Ben Fielding, Matt Crocker, Joel Houston, Jonathan ‘JD’ Douglass, Jad Gillies, Marty Sampson, Annie Garratt, Nigel Hendroff and Autumn Hardman - under the leadership of Global Creative Pastor, Cass Langton and her husband Rich. Yet, for each of the well-known Hillsong faces and names, there are hundreds and hundreds of faces and names that many people may never know or see, that serve in the Hillsong creative team in campuses all across the globe. We are a team who are varied in location, gift and calling; including musicians, vocalists, audio and lighting engineers, film and editing teams. And yet, we are a team that is one in service and passion, who above all else, seek to bring worship to the One whose Name is above all names… Jesus.

Therefore, as a team that now looks to ‘pioneer again,’ we seek to do so on the ancient foundations of God’s Word and the bedrock of the centuries of faithful men and women who have built the Church before us. Standing in the legacy of others’ sacrifice and God’s kindness, we step confidently into the future, committed as ever to seeing influential and prophetic expressions of worship flourish in the Church and convinced that what unites us as worshipers, is stronger than what divides us.

Hillsong Church creative teams to express both our personal devotion and a congregational offering of worship. Ever committed to resourcing individuals, worship teams and churches alike, the Hillsong Worship team seek to bring songs that are as diverse as the greater Church herself is. Our prayer each year is that our Hillsong Worship album would offer songs for all generations and demographics that are declarations of faith and adoration.

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